4 Reasons You Should Paint Your Garden Fence

4 Reasons You Should Paint Your Garden Fence

Article by P Norris

If you’re looking to upgrade your garden fence but not sure if a lick of paint is a good idea, here are 4 key reasons why this is something you should consider. From aesthetic and cost to maintenance, we’ve got everything covered.


As simple as they may seem, however, aesthetics are a great way to create a much more appealing garden space. You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes, ensuring everything complements each other. There are neutral and more natural shades such as brown to create a more authentic feel or bright whites for the illusion of a bigger and brighter space.


Unlike replacing or staining a fence, high-quality paint is likely to be cheaper and require significantly less maintenance over time. Where a stain will need several coats to be effective, painting the fence won’t be, resulting in less labour time too.

Protect The Wood

Over time, unpainted and untreated wood can become damaged by weather, making your fencing weak and likely to rot. By painting the wood with a high quality paint, you can protect your wooden fences for longer.

Low Maintenance

Painting your fence can mean less to maintain for a long time, saving you time, money and effort. It might require a good wash every so often but otherwise you’re pretty much good to go! Furthermore, as paint is readily available any small touch ups can be made as when you need.

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